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Camden Pathways Programme – Student Profile and Interview


Mason was at risk of exclusion from his mainstream secondary school in Camden and had become disengaged from his education, he was referred to the Camden Pathways Programme by his school in February 2019 after expressing an interest in a construction course. Mason had a successful interview at Westminster Kingsway College and was offered a place on the L1 Multi skills course with Maths and English.

From the outset Mason engaged well in his course, built positive relationships with all of his teachers and other students and completed his L1 multi skills by the end of year 10. In recognition of his high level of engagement and effort, Mason received the College Director’s Award which gave him access to an apprenticeship over the summer holidays.

In year 11 Mason chose to specialise in Plumbing and was offered a place on an infil post 16 Plumbing course at Westminster Kingsway College. He has worked towards his Diploma in Plumbing with Maths and English GCSE and is awaiting results. He has supported others in his class to turn things around by acting as a role model and offering mentoring support.

We are very proud of what Mason has achieved since he started with the AP Team. He has course offers from Westminster Kingsway College for a L2 Plumbing course and London South East College, for a Level 2 Aviation Engineering course for year 12.

We wish Mason well for his future and know that he will make a success of whatever he chooses to do.


ML Award


Interview between Joanna Self and Mason:


What was your experience of being in mainstream school?

I found it hard to engage because I was doing subjects I was not interested in rather than studying things I wanted to do as a career. College work is more practical which suits me because I feel I am better at learning in hands on subjects.


What is the reason that you were referred to college in year 10?

I was on the verge of getting permanently excluded due to getting into minor issues that added up to negative behaviour points.


Were you in agreement with the referral to college in year 10?

At first I thought it wouldn’t be for me, but after discussing it with people and seeing it for myself I saw a different aspect of learning.


What has worked well for you at college?

The style of teaching is different and I felt that the staff at the college understand you more and speak to you better.


Do you feel now, looking back, that it was the right choice for you to move from mainstream school to college in year 10?

Yes, 100%. If I had to choose again I wouldn’t change my mind.


What are your biggest achievements in the last 2 years?

Getting my diploma and student of the year. I felt very proud and didn’t think I’d be able to do that. Coming from mainstream school, I thought I was never going to achieve this and I did.


Is there anything that could have improved your experience at college?

No, I can’t complain about anything.


What would you say to someone considering a place in alternative provision who was not sure?    

 Go for it, try and accomplish as much as you can, the AP team will help you.


What are your plans for the future?

I’ve been accepted onto two courses related to my interests and I am still deciding which college will be the best for me. In the future I want to challenge myself and push myself although it may be hard.


Are you proud of what you have achieved?

Yes, really proud of what I’ve achieved, it’s motivated me to want to do more. I currently am in the process of starting a business designing and making household furniture.