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 CCfL Baker Clause statement

Baker Clause Policy Statement CCfL has embedded a career programme into the curriculum offer. Careers is currently taught through employability and PSHE subject areas. These are practical courses in which students learn skills such as how and where to find employment opportunities, how to apply for jobs and courses and how to prepare for an interview. At the end of the course student’s are able to produce a CV, write letters of application to jobs and courses and engage in the interview preparation lessons. CCfL is committed to advise our students of the full range of learning and training pathways available to them. CCfL currently seek guidance from Connexions and we use the Careers, Education, Information, Advice and Guidance framework. Career appointments are given to pupils at Key Stage 3 and 4 where individualized career guidance is given. These career appointments are led by a professional external career adviser and they are available throughout the academic year and can offer appropriate information, support and advice at significant study and career times of the year. The timetable allows students to engage in onsite and offsite vocational, technical and training opportunities and there are opportunities throughout the academic year for providers and employers to offer engagement events, talks and visits. The curriculum offerings are predominately linked to accreditation. CCfL is proactive in building relationships with the community and every pupil is given enriched, first hand experience of the work place through work visits, work shadowing and work experience to help their exploration of the potential careers and expand their networks. CCfL have key calendar events throughout the year including a career fayre, suited and booted, mock interviews and work experience week. These are advertised in the school news letter and on the website.