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Camden Centre for Learning


Intent Statement 

Provision for all students

The Computing/Computer Science department have developed a curriculum that been designed to provide all pupils, particularly disadvantaged pupils with SEND, the knowledge and cultural capital they need to succeed in life long learning.
We provide a balanced and informed curriculum across all key stages in the school. We aim for all pupils to be active and engaged learners, users and creators in the modern digital working environment.
We are promote computational thinking and digital creativity to enable all pupils to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding of Computing, Technology and Computer Science to meet their academic needs and support their choices post-16, further education or training and their use of technology in the modern working world.

Planning and sequencing towards cumulative knowledge and skills

The Computing and Computer Science department has planned and sequenced sufficient knowledge and skills to achieve a computing qualification and to support future learning and employment. This is evidenced through the Computing Curriculum Map, Schemes of Learning, ‘I Can’ statements and differentiated resources. This is supported by the use of individual task plans and targets set for pupils to support them to progress and achieve their academic potential. 

Acquisition and independent application of knowledge, skills and abilities

Computing has cross curricula links with mathematics, science, and design and technology, and provides an understanding of both natural and artificial systems. Information Technology ensures that pupils become digitally literate and supports them to become independent learners themselves and develop their ideas through, information and communication technology.

Accreditation pathways and preparation for Education, Employment, Training and adult life

The curriculum is designed to allow pupils to have access to both Computer Science and Information Technology which supports them to make informed choices on how they pursue the subjects at KS4 as they continue their learning journey through the school and post 16. We want all pupils to learn transferable skills, that can be applied to all subjects, to support research and analysis and how to locate key information to progress.
We offer a range of qualifications based on supporting all pupils to achieve tneir academic pathway.
We offer OCR National Certificate and Award to our Year 11 Cohort. This is a two-tier qualification Level 1 Award and Level 2 Certificate, meeting the needs of the year 11 Cohort.
We offer OCR Creative iMedia Certificate and Award to our Year 10 Cohort. This is a two-tier qualification Level 1 Award and Level 2 Certificate hence meeting the need of the year 10 Cohort.

Computer Science option: this course is the AQA Computer Science GCSE Grade 1-9
We are currently in the process of introducing the Entry Level 1-3 qualification.