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Camden Centre for Learning

Multi-Agency Team

CCfL Multi-Agency Team

CCfL aims to provide coherent and integrated multi agency provision for young people and their families to ensure effective and responsive approaches to meeting their holistic needs.

The service for students and families at the Camden Centre for Learning includes support from an integrated multi agency team.

This support includes staff consultation and sometimes direct involvement with students and their families.

The range of disciplines and support include:


Family Worker 

  • Family support, advocacy and encouraging community links
  • Individual support packages for children and families
  • Structured parenting programmes
  • Intensive family interventions and support to families in their own homes to improve family and community lives
  • Practical support with housing, benefits and financial matters
  • Free Saturday activities


Family Support Worker 

  • Support families at home around issues including attendance, transitions, practical advice and support
  • Support for students and families around re-integration back into mainstream school
  • Act as a link between home and school
  • Independent support for parents/carers at meetings
  • Arrange adult learning, parenting courses, coffee mornings


Social Worker 

  • Support families to promote the safety and well-being of their children and young people
  • Respond to children and families in need of support and help
  • Affect positive change and promote good outcomes for children and young people

 Clinical Psychologists 

  • Work with young people and their families to develop an understanding of their experiences, feelings, behaviours and relationships, with the aim of helping them to make changes that are more positive and less distressing
  • Advocate for young people and their families to help them communicate their needs
  • Work with staff who support young people to help them to develop and build upon their understanding of young people and families, to help them to meet their needs


Educational Psychologists 

  • Help clarify and identify young people’s needs
  • Work with others to create conditions for change
  • Work with schools to help understand young people better


Youth Worker 

  • Engage with young people and families through positive activities, in and outside school, during and after school, including school holidays
  • Deliver exciting, fun, multi-media & creative arts projects
  • Consultation and participation skills development programmes


Connexions Workers 

  • Provide support and advice for young people and families in accessing post 16 Education, Employment and Training
  • Provide long-term support and follow-up after the age of 16


 Speech & Language Therapists 

  • Support young people to make the most out of their communication skills, at school and at home
  • Assess and diagnose speech and language difficulties
  • Support the language and communication needs of young people
  • Support staff to develop the communication skills of young people


Occupational Therapists


  • Support young people to participate as independently as possible in every day activities (personal care, school, leisure)
  • Assess and diagnose motor coordination, sensory and functional difficulties impacting on participation in every day activities
  • Support the motor coordination, sensory and functional needs of young people

 Creative Therapists

 Provide a safe place where children can explore communication and feelings through image, movement, sound and play.



Safer Schools Officers 

  • To be the visible and familiar contact with the school and the main point of contact between school, partners and police
  • Provide initial response and facilitate crime enquiries and initial investigation of appropriate crime reports relating to school and/or students
  • Provide advice and information regarding crime to students, staff and governors