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Parent Webinar Series

Mental Health Support Team (MHST) Webinar Series for Parents/Carers of Primary School aged Children and Secondary School aged Young People


The MHST are pleased to offer parents/carers a series of workshops to support their children’s well-being. There are 11 topics in total with workshops being offered from this point until the end of Spring term.


Webinars that are for both Parents/Carers of Primary and Secondary aged children and young people

  • All about sleep
  • Therapeutic conversations with your childand young person
  • Screen Time
  • Parent Self Care
  • Sibling rivalry


Webinars for Parents/Carers of Primary aged children

  • Parent-child interactions
  • Managing routines
  • Supporting Childhood worries


Webinars for Parents/Carers of Secondary aged Young People

  • Anxiety in Adolescence
  • Gender Identity
  • Understanding Adolescent Development



Each workshop will last up to 60 minutes and have an optional follow-up of 30 minutes for parents/carers to ask questions or discuss the topic further.


Parents and carers can opt in for all topics, or whichever most appeals to them.  The webinar series will run from Thursday 29th September 2022 until Friday 24th March 2023.


Parents and carers can register for any of the above webinars through Eventbrite for free at