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Powering Up the H3 Federation: Tell Us Your Views.

Since January 2022, Haverstock School and CCfL have been working in collaboration in a shared partnership under an Executive Headteacher. This has been very successful with all schools and their pupils seeing real benefits.

From summer term, April 2023, we are proposing to cement this relationship with the creation of H3 Federation. This will be a 'hard federation' where the schools operate under a single combined governing body.

Each school in the federation will continue to retain its own unique character and to be led by its own Head of School under the leadership of the Executive Headteacher. They will each retain separate budgets and will be inspected independently of each other by Ofsted.

CCfL is also proposing to change the name of its two schools to Heath School (currently CCfL PRU) and Harmood School (currently CCfL Special School) from the start of the summer term. 

Before the federation happens, we invited parents, pupils, staff, and the wider community to share their views in a 6 week consultation which ran until Friday 17 March. Haverstock and CCfL governing bodies are now considering all the submissions and will make a final decision which we hope to announce at the end of Spring Term.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a response.